Angel shaped scented wax candle. Include 1 shot glass + 1 tealight. Dimensions: 24 cm x 10 cm x 17 cm height. Weight: 1,25 kg.

16,00 €

Moon shaped scented wax candle. Measure: 16 cm. x 10,5 cm. x 19 cm. high Weight: 500 gr.

10,00 €

Heart shaped scented wax candle. Dimensions: 14 cm x 7 cm x 16,5 cm. height Weight: 800 gr.

12,00 €

What's new

A bright L.E.D light that can be placed underwater and will last for 48 hours, it can be turned on/off and the batteries are replaceable (2 x CR2032). The Submersible FloraLytes™ are great for floral designs in glass vases and when placed in the bottom of vases facing upward it illuminates the entire vase enhancing the water and stems.

3,00 €

Set x 2 units of chromed metal lantern with glass sides.Measure large lantern: 15x15x36 cm. HeightMeausre Small lantern: 10x10x23 cm. Height

46,00 €